Solving Problems Is a Team’s Biggest Problem

Over the past month I’ve been talking about the proof points of higher team performance.


 The first was the efficiency and the effectiveness of decision-making.

 Secondly I discussed how important feedback is for positive team culture.

 Last week I described how conflict resolution is a vital ingredient for positive team culture.

 In this blog I discuss the final critical proof point of higher team performance: problem solving.

When I say ‘problem-solving’ I’m not just referring to a strong aptitude to practise problem-solving tools and techniques. I’m referring to ‘critical thinking’ – the ability to control one’s analysis and judgment to produce thinking that is free from the bias that can cloud the objectivity of decisions and actions.

 Teams, like individuals, can get caught up in behaviours that fail to firstly notice opportunities to improve performance and secondly, if noticed, deny good critical thinking practices that produces effective and sustainable outcomes.

The Foundation for Critical Thinking provides exceptional content and resources to aid your understanding of critical thinking.

Practically, successful teams demonstrate 3 attributes of strong critical thinking and effective problem solving:

  1.  Constant and consistent measurement of their performance to identify problems;

  2. Deep identification and analysis of the root causes of root problems;

  3. Empathetic engagement of stakeholders to develop solutions for sustainable performance improvement.

Team leaders have a choice about their team’s performance. If they choose excellence, then be sure that their success will be a product of the four proof points of higher performance.

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Meirav Dulberg