My Book “ Learning Dangerously”

Learning Dangerously is a simple yet effective learning approach for people seeking to respond to their daily work and life challenges with purpose-led conviction, confidence and control.

By Learning Dangerously, you too will become more aware of your everyday presence and realise significant personal and professional improvements no matter what you pursue in business, relationships, career and life.

Learn both the flow and the way of Learning Dangerously so you too can experience a better state of awareness that benefits your work, career, relationships and personal endeavours.

Discover 48 practical articles that demonstrates the application of Learning Dangerously to help address common challenges faced by leaders, managers, professionals and people alike across 4 domains: learning, influence, performance and success, including:

  • The 7 Truths About Great Habits

  • How Your Beliefs Can Limit Your Learning

  • How Silence Creates Influence Beyond Words

  • 5 Ways To Increase Influence At Meetings

  • Why Busyness Should Not Be Your Business

  • Beware The Inner Enemy Of Your Success

Choose to practice Learning Dangerously. Your willingness to take action is critical for your success. But that is a relatively small investment when you consider the success you will realise once you share your potential with the world – if only you choose Learning Dangerously.