You have the hardest job of all.

How do you effectively juggle people, processes and performance?


How do you deal with these challenges?

  • Keeping your people motivated

  • Building team trust and accountability

  • Consistently achieving the right results

  • Managing your time and effort

  • Maintaining effective relationships

How do you realise these opportunities?

  • Lead a highly motivated team

  • Build real team accountability

  • Get the leader–manager balance right

  • Help your people see the bigger picture

  • Attract great people to your team

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The Team Performance Program

The program is founded on insights derived from Motivational Mapping.

Using the Team Motivational Map, the program builds trust and accountability across the team, focusing on four critical behaviours for

high team performance: thinking critically, resolving conflict, solving problems, generating feedback.


Who it’s for

The program is for Team Leaders who recognises that high performing teams are built on trust and accountability.

Despite their best efforts, teams that are unable or unwilling to keep team members accountable for their behaviours will never realise its true potential.

The program sets behavioural expectations and mechanisms for team accountability to build a positive team culture.

What you get

  • 45-minute 1:1 coaching session for all participants

  • Team Motivational Map Report

  • A half-day workshop to build a Behavioural Matrix

  • A half-day workshop to commit to a Behavioural Plan, including tools and techniques to improve capability across the four critical behaviours

  • 4 x 90-minute mentoring sessions to support the integration of learning into the workplace.

What it returns

  • Clear behavioural expectations across the team

  • Positive team culture founded on trust

  • Skill uplift for critical behaviours

  • Tools and techniques relevant for people’s roles and responsibilities

  • Mechanisms to hold people responsible for their performance.

How it works

The Program starts with all team members completing the 10-minute online survey which generates their individual Motivational Map Report.

I’ll then schedule an individual coaching session with each of them. We’ll conduct the session onsite during which we’ll discuss their report and identify strategies to boost their motivation.

Once all the individual reports are generated, I’ll build a Team Map and Report. We’ll then meet and discuss the performance implications of the results and agree the format of the first half-day workshop.

I’ll then facilitate a half-day workshop with your team to walk them through the performance implications of the Team Map. In particular, we’ll identify opportunities to identify capability uplift across any or all of the four critical behaviours: thinking critically, resolving conflict, solving problems and generating feedback.

As a team, you’ll identify the critical behaviours and moments for your high performance that will form the Behavioural Matrix. Having captured all the output from the workshop, I’ll build a draft Behavioural Matrix for us to review.

I’ll then facilitate another half-day workshop with your team to review the Behavioural Matrix, develop a Behavioural Plan and agree as a team, how you’ll lead and manage accountability for those behaviours.

In this workshop, we’ll also practise tools and techniques to address behavioural gaps across the four critical behaviours.

The program concludes with me facilitating fortnightly mentoring sessions with the team to support them integrating their new skills into their work.


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