I know you wear many hats – and some don’t fit so well.

How do you spend the right effort on the right priorities?


How do you deal with these challenges?

  • Improving productivity

  • Managing time effectively

  • Running efficient processes

  • Employing happy people

  • Achieving work/life balance

How do you realise these opportunities?

  • Have a clear and motivating direction

  • Build a team of reliable people around you

  • Measure relevant key performance indicators

  • Simplify and enhance business processes

  • Make decisions with the right information.

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The Business Performance Program

Poor planning, management and measurement of business performance results in the wrong decisions being made, the right decisions being missed, and important decisions delayed.

The Program supports Business Owners to develop and implement performance measures that increase insight about current performance and enable better prediction of future performance.


Who it’s for

The program is for Business Owners seeking to:

  • understand the true drivers of their performance

  • spend more time on their business, than in their business

  • be more predictive and less reactive about their results

  • make more informed business decisions for their customers and people

  • connect the beliefs of their people to the purpose of the business

What you get

The Program is an opportunity to take control of your business and its performance, and includes:

  • a review of existing business plans, strategic objectives and critical processes

  • development and implementation of business measures and metrics

  • 4 x 90-minute monthly review meetings

  • a revised business plan and performance dashboard.

What it returns

  • new metrics that improve decisions and outcomes

  • removal of redundant or misleading business measures

  • improved accountability by measures that motivate the right behaviour

  • enhanced team performance through objective and relevant measurement

  • a simple and effect method to build future measure and metrics.

How it works

The program runs for 3 months to establish, test, review and refine a new set of business performance measures for your business.

The program commences with an initial 1-day review and diagnostic of your existing business plans, strategic objectives and measures.

Following the initial diagnostic, I facilitate with your relevant team members, a half-day workshop to review business purpose, performance and people and to critique the existing business measures and establish new measures.

Using the output from the workshop, I build and present a Business Plan which confirms the key strategic objectives, new measures and metrics for your team to lead.

Once implemented, each month we’ll review performance against the measures utilising appropriate visual management tools and techniques.

We’ll also assess the value of the measures by discussing the performance insights from the responsible owners in your business and adjust where necessary.

The program concludes with a final half-day workshop with the relevant team members to agree the next iteration of the measures and metrics and ongoing performance management.


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