My primary belief is that Executives, Team Leaders and Business Owners who invest in their future success should expect a high return.

I am committed to improving your performance. Making that one simple change that will set off a chain reaction of high performance ­– that’s what I’m striving to do for you.

I’ve worked hard in and around Executives, Teams and Businesses throughout my services, corporate and consulting careers. With experience and expertise as an accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Project Manager, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Executive Manager and Chartered Accountant, I provide a unique combination of knowledge and skills to simply improve your behaviour to improve your performance.

My approach to your learning ensures I develop the most effective solutions to address your challenges or realise your opportunities. I call this Learning Dangerously. I’m so passionate about it I wrote a book, to challenge people to take control of their own learning and development.

By working with me, you will see, hear and feel improvements in those behaviours that are critical for your success. At a deeper level, you’ll probably also improve your motivation, remove self-limiting beliefs and increase your self-awareness.

While I have a range of solutions and programs on offer, the trick with effective learning is getting the right fit for purpose. I’ll develop with you a purpose-built program that will address the key behaviours and enablers to improve your performance.

Our work together will be unique because we will address your motivation, behaviours and performance. How else will you realise your success?

Your success is closer than you think.

Past and Current Clients