You don’t always have all the answers.

So how do you feel about that? What will you do about it?


How do you deal with these challenges?

  • Getting the right talent

  • Motivating people

  • Managing growth

  • Transforming the status quo

  • Prioritising and resourcing initiatives

How do you realise these opportunities?

  • Build a positive group culture

  • Be a great leader in uncertainty

  • Feel as successful as you look

  • Make a real difference

  • Improve your performance

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The Executive Performance Program

The Executive Performance Program is designed to empower you to take control of your situation, behaviours and outcomes.

You will move to a more positively energetic state and be more productive, predictive and motivated.


Who it’s for

The program is for Executives and Senior Leaders who immediately want learning, support and accountability to enhance their performance in existing roles, new roles or for future roles.

The program focuses on your ability to be an observer of yourself and others. The observer is a powerful position providing you with great insight to take decisive and effective action.

What you get

  • 1 x 2-hour program planning session

  • 6 x 90-minute fortnightly coaching sessions

  • Motivational Map Report and coaching debrief

  • Customised Performance Development Plan

  • Your private online coaching portal

  • Unlimited email communication with me

What it returns

  • Accredited professional coaching and support

  • Skills to be a better observer of self and others

  • Tools and techniques to improve communication and relationships

  • Greater self-awareness and satisfaction of personal motivators

  • Assessment of your personal and professional development goals

  • Regular accountability for agreed actions and outcomes

How it works

We’ll then have a session to plan your program, including: schedule sessions, debrief your Motivational Map, set up your online coaching portal, agree program goals and start your work.

We’ll meet fortnightly to review your progress towards your program goals and establish new actions for the next fortnight.

Importantly, we’ll agree actions that are relevant to your work.

We’ll find opportunities to integrate your learning into your day-to-day role and responsibilities.

In between our fortnightly sessions, we’ll interact via email as much as you want.

You’ll also record your progress and outcomes on your private online coaching portal. I’ll review and respond to your activity on the portal too.

Throughout the program we’ll continually monitor your progress and ensure you’re satisfied with your progress.

Along the way you’ll discover new opportunities for performance improvement which we’ll address.

At the end of the program will review your achievements and reset your Performance Development Plan.


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