Why Feedback Is The Greatest Gift

In my previous blog I outlined the 4 proof points of higher team performance. The first was the efficiency and the effectiveness of decision-making.


In this blog I discuss the second critical proof point: feedback.

The easiest to quickly assess the performance capability teams is to observe the frequency and quality of their feedback, or perhaps lack of it.

If you’re a team leader, the best thing you can do for your team is to build a culture of feedback.

There are 3 elements to feedback that make it particularly effective: genuine, constructive, timely.

Genuine: no matter what your feedback, your intent is important. Generally, if you are truly delivering feedback with the desire to help and support another’s performance, t should be favourably received.

Constructive: feedback should enable the recipient to identify an opportunity to improve performance and grow. Even it it is glowing, the feedback should be delivered with the intent to challenge the recipient to achieve even higher levels of performance.

Timely: This is the most overlooked element of feedback – saying it when it has the greatest impact. While the opportunity may not immediately present itself, at least note the observed behaviour and impact so it is easily shared at the right moment.

Remember there is a potential opportunity cost of failing to deliver genuine and constructive feedback if sub-optimal behaviour is allowed to continue.

Listen carefully to the conversations around your team - when feedback flourishes yor team’s performance flourishes.

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Meirav Dulberg