Does Your Decision-Making Efficiently Kill Options?

In my previous blog I outlined the 4 proof points of higher team performance. The first is the efficiency and the effectiveness of decision-making.


If the suffix “cide”, from Latin means to “kill”, then to “decide” is to kill off choice or options.

But why can people and teams be so inefficient and ineffective in making the best decision?

This great article in Harvard Business Review describes the impact that “noise” and “bias” has on decision-making,

We are constantly facing the prospect of making decisions, some are easier than others which is typically driven by the scope of the decision and the potential consequence of the decision.

But often humans aren’t the best judge of the either the scope nor the consequence of the decision.

I prescribe my clients a healthy dose of conviction to address suboptimal decision-making, comprising 3 critical elements for success: knowledge, experience and belief.

Knowledge: do you know enough about the situation to enable proper consideration?

Experience: have you had prior experience you can use to consider your options?

Belief: do you believe in yourself to effectively manage the the process and outcomes of your actions?

When we have the right amount of knowledge, experience and belief we realise the 3 ‘C’s’ of conviction: clarity, credibility and confidence.

Think about a decision you’re struggling to make right now.

What are you missing, knowledge, experience or belief?

Understanding your gaps, fill them and you’ll become a more efficient and effective decision-maker.

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Meirav Dulberg