What's Your Performance Number for Today?

Is it 8, 23, 179?

Your performance number is a measure of your short-term activity that drives your long-term success.

Long-term goal-setting loses its power when we focus solely on long-term measures of success.

Long-term goal-setting is enhanced when we focus on more immediate measures of performance, motivating us to direct time and energy to the right short-term activity.

For example, if your goal is revenue growth, your performance number may be the number of new leads per day.

Or if your long-term goal is improved employee engagement, your performance number may be positive outcomes from feedback per week.

When you define and measure your performance numbers, your performance improves in three significant ways:

– You shift your focus from the longer-term to the here-and-now.

– You better prioritise your immediate activities.

– You increase awareness about the value of your activity.

🤔 What's your performance number for today?

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